Instant online PCB quote for PCB Samples

For standard FR-4, FR-4 Tg170, Tg180 and aluminum PCB samples up to 4650 sq inches (3 sq m). Up to 6 layers. No special requirements (such as blind/buried vias, gold fingers…)


Custom PCB quote for PCB Samples and PCB Production

For PCB samples greater than 6 layers (up to 40 layers) or have other special requirements.
For PCB production greater than 4650 sq inches (3 sq m).

We will perform the Design Rule Check before production at no extra cost. We will work with you to resolve the non-conforming findings for your PCB board design. This process will ensure that your boards are standards compliant. Each board will be tested (fly probe or E-test). Inspection report is available upon request.
We are proud our facility is TS16949 certificated (for automobile industry) in addition to ISO and UL certificates. High quality is guaranteed.
If you have any questions, please email info@superpcb.com or call (214) 550-9837.